“The defining element is awakening the Goddess within to stand in one’s own right. Gave me a call to be fiercely grounded in my feminine strength and take care of myself.” – JC

“I met Diana during a very challenging time in my life.  I have multiple autoimmune and orthopedic conditions that continuously challenge me.  Her immediate warmth and openness was extraordinarily calming. After leaving her presence, I felt an immediate and positive internal shift just when I needed a gentle moment.  Diana’s purity of heart continues to be inspiring and comforting.  She is and will always be a rare individual who touched my life in a pivotal way, with one kind, simple interaction.  I am honored to now call her a friend.” C.C.H

“Diana Pfeuffer and her work with Venus Inspired Living is transformational. This intuitive, gifted spiritual guide is good for your soul!!! Being in service to others, we often forget to recharge and refill our own cup. Today, I was able to lay back and do just that in our session. Reminded of how important it was for me to be able to do the work that I do, to nourish, release what no longer serves my highest good and trust my intuition and my divine path that I am being supported at all levels. Just what I needed!! Thank you siSTAR for sharing your gifts. “- Shelley Parris Williams

“Kreate is a women’s group looking for opportunities to make a difference to ourselves and people around us. Listening to a person like Diana could be one of the best things ever happened with the group and we truly enjoyed it. Diana’s beliefs, her determination and above all her love for her family has inspired each if us in the group and we will carry back this with us a long way in becoming stronger and successful women. Thank you so much Diana for your time.” Aarthi Prathap

“Great girl time…. Great insights…. Let the words flow” KG