This is my 39- What I have learned..

I’ve embraced my uniqueness with all my imperfections mixed with my goodness, education, knowledge, experience and love and view them as strengths. I will use those strengths to bring forth the awesome woman, wife, mother, friend, health coach, employee, person with a dis-ease that I am and hopefully be an inspiration to others.

Life is too short to spend all your time working and not enjoying what life can truly bring.

Money can buy a lot of things but it cannot buy back quality time lost with your family. Spending money on a healthy lifestyle has become more important to me than spending it on other things because that’s what keeps me capable of being there for my family.

I no longer take little things that I assumed I would always be able to do for granted such as working, driving, showering, cooking and cleaning as well as big things like being able to see, walk and run. I fought like hell to get all of these abilities back and will continue to fight to avoid losing them again.

I thrive on positive energy and positive people in my life.

Good nutrition (Career, physical activity, relationships, spirituality as well as a healthy diet) has brought more joy to my life than any sweet indulgence ever did.

At 39 I’m bringing sexy back! ;p


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