Frank Sinatra- Pick Yourself Up

Frank Sinatra- Pick Yourself Up

My heart goes out to those that were injured and who died in today’s explosion at The Boston Marathon. Prayers for those that were affected by this horrible attack.  

So I recently had a dream that I ran a marathon. I was never one for running so this dream really took me off guard. The more I thought about it the more, I thought I should try it. The universe was telling me something.  I may never get there but I’m going to make an attempt. What an accomplishment that would be for me after all I have been through! Just getting out and being able to run even if for a little bit has been so therapeutic for me! I wouldn’t have been able to do that 3 years ago!

I have a great friend and personal trainer who is helping me every step of the way. We ran/walked together last Thursday for over 2 miles and that was such a great feeling!  So today I went for a 1.17 run/walk by myself and was doing pretty good. Then as I was crossing the road from sidewalk to pavement, I realized that my clumsy MS gait still haunts me as I tripped over the transition and got a little road rash. What’s a girl to do at that point? Wipe herself off and continue running as if nothing happened, bloody hands, knees and all. I think the neuropathy in my hands helped the fall onto my hands. lol. Builds character. Motivational Strength Baby!

I was hit by a car when I was 15 while riding my bike, so I am no stranger to my face hitting the pavement. I still have a chip in my tooth from that accident. But that never stopped me from continuing to ride my bike. So today’s little fall won’t prevent me from continuing on this journey. I saw this song by Frank Sinatra on Youtube posted by Argosy34 and felt it was relevant for my little mishap while running. I just replaced man with woman in the lyrics in my head. 🙂


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