Beautiful Stretch Marks

I remember when I was pregnant my husband had been asked if I was crabby or moody by some friends. He had told them that I wasn’t either and that I was pretty happy during my pregnancy. Overall I had a great pregnancy despite being put on bed rest towards the end because of a kidney infection that landed me in the hospital for a week.

I really loved being pregnant and felt beautiful.  I also felt it in my core that I was carrying a beautiful child. Her spirit would just overpower me to be around all things beautiful and happy. I would feel the urge to frequent art galleries, museums and botanical gardens because I wanted to be surrounded by places or things that were creative, artistic and beautiful.  I also had professional pregnancy photos done because  I knew that I would never get that time back. I wanted something  that documented how I felt and what I looked like during that moment in time when my body was creating such a special  little being.

But after my pregnancy came these deep and unsightly stretch marks that weren’t so beautiful to me. I hated looking at them and spent countless dollars trying to find the product that would erase them or make them go away. Then one day I started looking at them from a different point of view. My body amazingly stretched itself to make room for this beautiful being. These glorious marks around my body had cradled and protected the womb while she grew stronger and ready to enter the world on her own. What a miraculous thing for my body to do! I now look at them as beautiful scars that came from my body’s ability to bear a child naturally to term 13 yrs ago. For that I am blessed and thank my body for doing what it needed to do to provide the space necessary for my child to grow and be nurtured while in the womb.


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