Grandma’s Wisdom

One of the most treasured gifts that I inherited from my dad’s mother, Grandma Chris, was her creativity, love of cooking and love of family. I was very close to my grandmother for the short time of my life that she was alive. She passed away when I was in 5th grade from stomach cancer.

My grandma made everything special in my eyes and I had a special bond with her that still remains, especially at Christmas when I can still hear her beautiful voice singing gospel. I can remember living in OK and when I would go visit her and even when she lived with my family, she would always have fun creative things for us to do such as decorating our own pillow cases, decorating pine cones, pecan picking, baking and so many other things. She was also the best Midwestern cook around.

One of the last things she did before she passed away was attempt to write a story/cookbook for us grandkids. I still have mine and would look at it occasionally through the years to remember her and feel her presence. I haven’t pulled it out in many years and recently felt the need to do so. I’m so glad that I did. Though the recipes she included weren’t the healthiest per say, she was still on the right track.

This is my favorite passage in the story because of how relevant it was to my life after getting sick and doing what I needed to do like changing my eating habits to get myself healthy and stronger.

She wrote, “Now kids, I’m going to teach you natural foods. This means you will be changing your eating habits. It also means that you will be making healthy bodies. What better way to show your love to our families than making them healthy…One of the reasons grandma is sick comes from bad eating habits.”

I was so impressed with the fact that she mentioned whole grains as well as the unhealthiness of white flour, white sugar and white rice. She even wrote a glossary of different foods and their nutritional values. I think this story means more to me now than it ever has. Thank you Grandma Chris for your wisdom, love and creativity to leave such a wonderful gift that will always be treasured.

I will end this post with my two of my favorite prayers from her story. I am so incredibly thankful for all these things and feel truly blessed to have them all in my life.

“Thank you God for food, strength and love. Amen. Thank you for love, thank you for families, thank you for food and strength. Amen.”

Grandma Chris

This is a picture of me and my Grandma Chris when she came to visit our family while living in Hawaii in the 70’s.


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