Self Esteem

I think one of the greatest gifts that my mother ever gave me was teaching me to truly believe in myself, to be strong, independent where I can stand on my own two feet and that I am fully capable of doing anything if I set my mind to it. She was never an enabler and I am so incredibly thankful for that. She was always there to support me but let me learn on my own and didn’t coddle me.

No matter what the obstacle I have had to face, even as fearful as I might have been, deep down I knew I would be okay.  I definitely have my days where I have a total meltdown and become a weepy mess, but I always bounce back. Sometimes I have had to fall flat on my face to learn from that experience and grow as a person. As the years go on, each mistake I made, each opportunity that may or may not have worked out, I have learned only made me stronger and wiser.

I have in turn raised my own daughter this way and I am so proud of what all she has accomplished in her young life. She’s very independent, not afraid to take chances, believes in herself, stands up for herself and others. That makes a momma proud because I know if there is ever a time that I am not there, she will be just fine on her own. Her destiny in life is different than mine as mine was different than my mother’s, though we all share the same blood.

We’re all not perfect, nor would I want to be because that’s what makes us each unique and beautiful. But the journey of discovering our destiny is a learning experience in itself. We may be given wings to fly, taught how to fly, but it’s our own belief that we can fly that helps us soar and rise above.


July 2012 – 3 Generations  of strong, independent women


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