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Diana Pfeuffer

Who is she?

She is a sensitive goddess who faces her demons head on in the darkness and resurfaces with the strength of the love and light to continue to live, thrive and be of service. Because unlike a princess life, a goddess life is not about fairy tales. For her, it’s about building, protecting and sustaining a strong foundation to keep a woman balanced and supported through the various stages of her life’s path.

There are those who have attempted to keep her down in the depths of darkness but little did they realize she came into this world pushing up and would not be held down for long. She was meant to rise up. Her inner light may have flickered at times but it has never gone completely out. She has realized she is on borrowed time here on earth and has decided to make the most of each day to the best of her ability. Her journey of overcoming incredible obstacles is because her purpose in life is far greater than she can fully comprehend at this moment in time. Those who are hurting are drawn to her because she is truly special. Her light is not forced but shines through her natural life energy.

The aspects of her life can be seen, felt and heard through her words, her teachings, her compassion, her joy, her pain, her knowingness, her pictures, her smile, her sensuality, her family and most importantly, her presence. Each of which represent the healing aspects of comfort, love and strength needed to help heal a world struggling with various types of pain and suffering.  She honors the resilient, the passionate, the maternal and the sacred because her purpose on earth is to love, comfort and protect.  She does so with complete faith in higher source to guide the way in building a better world little by little, step by step.

With Much Love and Light,



Professional Bio

Diana Pfeuffer is a Goddess who honors the maternal, the warrior, the sensual and the sacred teachings of the Divine Feminine. In 2012, Diana left her 12 year social work career serving the HIV/AIDS community to focus her energies on more of a soul centered holistic approach to healing. She created Venus Inspired Living as a sacred space for women to receive nourishment and comfort while being embraced by a loving community of sisters. Being part of a circle of sisters was an integral part of her own transformational healing journey in which she detoxed aspects of her own life that were toxic to her mind, body and spirit.

Diana is a Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Level 1 Sistership Circle Facilitator, Usui Reiki Master,  and an accomplished motivational speaker. Her professional awards include Woman of the Year award by The National Association of Professional Women and The Paul Prince Individual of the Year award. Her formal education includes a BA in Women’s Studies from The University of South Florida, an AA in Communications from St Petersburg College and training from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition with certification as a Health Coach. Diana enjoys spending quality time with her husband, Kevin of 22 years and their beautiful 19 year old daughter, Kayla.

International Association for Health Coaches Member!


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